Paper Heart


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Festival Year

2009 (click here to see all competition films from this year)


Dramatic Competition


Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera, Jake Johnson

Non-Cast Credits

Nicholas Jasenovec, Nicholas Jasenovec, Charlyne Yi, Nicholas Jasenovec, Charlyne Yi, Elise Salomon, Sandra Murillo, Jay Hunter, Ryan Brown, Michael Cera, Charlyne Yi, Devendra Cleary, Jacob Riehle


Charlyne Yi does not believe in love. Or so she says. At the very least, she doesn't believe in fairy-tale love or the Hollywood mythology, and her own experiences have made her at minimum a modern-day skeptic. But this inquiry into love and its present-day manifestations suggests she hasn't entirely given up hope. As she and her friend (and director), Nicholas Jasenovec, together search for answers and advice, you get the idea that this new generation's cynicism isn't the whole story. And when she meets a man after her own heart well, you can guess the rest. Yi, a Los Angeles-based artist and comedian, certainly has an interesting array of friends and acquaintances. They offer diverse views on modern romance, as well as various answers to the age-old question: does love really exist? But is this all for real? Is it fantasy? Or is it a just a filmmaker's quest?This is a wonderfully imagined journey of one girl's search for love. This self-conscious and self-reflective film leads us all down a rabbit hole of emotion, hope, and confusion that give this poignant, funny, and intelligent film its heart. Only people as aware and knowledgeable about their craft as Yi and Jasenovec can make a film as entertaining and absorbing as Paper Heart.


Geoffrey Gilmore (see other films reviewed by the same reviewer)

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