Fields of Fuel


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2008 (click here to see all competition films from this year)


Documentary Competition

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Robbie Little, Stephen Nemeth, John Goldsmith, Greg Reitman, Dale Rosenbloom, Daniel Assael, Hans Pausch, Darius Fischer, James Mulryan, Kristin Tieche, Michael Horwitz, Sarah Rose Bergman, Tina Imahara, Jessica Berman Bogdan


Most Americans know weve got a problem: an addiction to oil that taxes the environment, entangles us in costly foreign policies, and threatens the nations long-term stability. But few are informed or empowered enough to do much about it. Enter Josh Tickell, an expert young activist who, driven by his own emotionally charged motives, shuttles us on a revelatory, whirlwind journey to unravel this addictionfrom its historical origins to political constructs that support it, to alternatives available now and the steps we can take to change things.

Tickell tracks the rising domination of the petrochemical industryfrom Rockefellers strategy to halt ethanol use in Fords first cars to the mysterious death of Rudolph Diesel at the height of his biodiesel engines popularization, to our governments choice to declare war after 9/11, rather than wean the country from fossil fuel. Never minimizing the complexities of ending oil dependence, Tickell uncovers a hopeful reality pointing toward a decentralized, sustainable energy infrastructurelike big rigs tanking up on biofuel at Carls Corner Texas truck stop, a new Brooklyn biodiesel plant serving three states, a miraculous Arizona algae-based fuel farm, and the Swedish public voting to be petroleum free by 2020.

Sweeping and exhilarating, Tickells passionate film goes beyond great storytelling; it rings out like a bell that stirs consciousness and makes individual action suddenly seem consequential.


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